Digitally print your custom designs using solutions by Expand Systems
We sell the equipment that allows YOU to digitally print your own fabrics.
Custom Digital Printer Solutions
Expand Systems provides custom solutions to meet all of your digital textile printing needs.

The Benefits of Utilizing Expand Systems
Custom Digital Printing Solutions

Custom Digital Printing Design Security
Your unique ideas and designs is what sets your company apart - and digital printing can help preserve them throughout the creative process. In addition to the cost effectiveness of digitally printing fabric, in house digital printing provides added security. If you are forced to outsource your samples and printed product, you understand the risks associated with sending your creative properties off site prior to production. When products are printed digitally in house, your designs stay within the company until you are ready to expose them to the market. In addition to this added security, digital printing allows designers to see their work instantly and quickly make any needed adjustments to create the ultimate finished product.

Cost-Effective Digital Fabric Production
In the past digital was not considered a viable alternative to screen printing due to machine and ink costs. Today, that has all changed. Digital has met these financial requirements and exceeded the expectations. Our customers have found a huge cost savings in their sampling and short run costs with all class printers we sell. In addition, the larger machines output costs meet the competitive market costing of our customers. Digital eliminates the cost of screens... you can print millions of colors... imagination is the only limitation. In the digital world the cash register drives the sale, not your stock. Producing your products in house takes the expenses of duties and taxes from importing out of your budget.

Unified Solution for Digital Fabric Printing
Expand Systems provides a complete offering for all of your digital printing needs. Our expertise will help you print on the fabric of your choosing to yield the best results because we understand that the process of printing on fabric is dictated by the fabric. We work with you to determine what machine, software, ink and finishing solution will allow you to bring the best printed fabric to market in your industry. We pride ourselves in the fact that we provide you with a complete printing solution, not just the machine. We specialize in providing custom printer solutions for our customers, making sure they have the right solution to meet their unique situation or need. And, we can provide you with this same customized service.


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